A Self Evaluation of Caregiver Burnout

A Self Evaluation of Caregiver Burnout

Caregiver burnout is a serious problem because it not only impacts the mental and emotional health of the caregiver, but it is also reflected in the quality of care provided to the loved one. How do you know when you are feeling burned out? Here is a quiz:

Consider the following and rate each on a scale where 0=never, 1=rarely, 2=sometimes, 3=quite frequently and 4=nearly always. Be as honest as possible.

1. He/she needs my help to perform many daily tasks.
2. He/she is dependent on me.
3. I have to watch him/her constantly.
4. I have to help him/her with many basic functions.
5. I don’t have a minute break from his/her chores.
6. I feel that I am missing out on life.
7. I wish I could escape from this situation.
8. My social life has suffered. I feel emotionally drained due to caring for him/her.
9. I expected that things would be different at this point in my life.
10. I am not getting enough sleep.
11. My health has suffered.
12. Caregiving has made me physically sick.
13. I am physically tired.
14. I don’t get along with other family members as well as I used to.
15. My caregiving efforts are not appreciated by others in my family.
16. I have had problems with my marriage (or other significant relationship).
17. I don’t get along as well as I used to with others.
18. I feel resentful of other relatives who could, but do not help.
19. I feel embarrassed by his/her behavior.
20. I feel ashamed of him/her. I resent him/her.
21. I feel uncomfortable when I have friends over.
22. I feel angry about my interactions with him/her.

Add up your score, and if you are close to or above a score of 36, it is time to consider help. It might be time to ask for help or try to find a caregiver support group.

**This very helpful quiz was part of a blog written by Charlotte Bishop**

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