About ElderNav

Brooke RossElderNav is a geriatric care management company that assists clients and their families navigate through all aspects of the aging process. Clients and families are able to chart their own course with the assistance of a certified geriatric care manager. ElderNav’s founder, Brooke Ross, L.M.S.W. C.G.C.M. C-A.S.W.C.M., brings almost twenty years of experience in the field of gerontology to ElderNav. Her credentials include a degree in long-term healthcare, a gerontology certificate and a Master’s Degree in Social Work; she holds both Tennessee and Georgia licenses in social work. Furthermore, she is a Certified Geriatric Care Manager.  With her years of experience and training comes a network of resources associated with ElderNav, including professionals representing medical doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, financial specialists, and a team ready to help with any legal matters that need attention. Through ElderNav, clients and their families are guided through each decision and/or transition with assistance in creating and assessing options with the needs and desires of the client as a primary focus.

While the golden years provide an opportunity for personal fulfillment and enjoyment, they can also bring a great deal of stress. Managing finances, creating a safe living environment, legal issues such as advance directives, financial planning, and navigating each of life’s transitions can be overwhelming for clients and their families. Making it even more difficult is that families are increasingly separated by distance. ElderNav maps out a plan that ensures that clients and their families can both enjoy these years and lessen the strain that comes with these major life decisions. Even with the changing life circumstances that come with aging, with some assistance and accommodations designed by ElderNav, clients can continue to enjoy the full and happy life they are used to living. And, families can rest easy knowing that they and their family member have ElderNav as a resource and as an adviser if any other issues arise.