Our Approach

Our Process


Each client comes to ElderNav as a unique person with their own set of capabilities, struggles, preferences and expectations. It is ElderNav’s goal to thoroughly assess each client relative to their support system and their needs. In this way ElderNav assists in identifying options and making recommendations. Through an interview, an aggregation of personal information and medical history, and some assessment methodologies, ElderNav can assess the best approach to mapping out a highly individualized care plan. ElderNav strives to always provide the same comfortable and reassuring approach with clients whether they are planning for their future or actively managing a crisis.

Share Information

ElderNav’s primary goal is to establish an environment of openness and coordination between all involved parties; including family members, physicians, attorneys, financial planners, and others involved in the care plan. A cooperative dialog allows for a deeper understanding of individual circumstances and potential options, which is essential in creating a comprehensive care plan.


ElderNav believes that personal choice is the most significant prerequisite for a high quality of life during senior years, and for overall client and family satisfaction. By identifying and evaluating a myriad of different routes, clients and their families have the opportunity to take the helm and make educated and thoughtful decisions for the best possible short and long-term future.

Care Plan

Once all the information is gathered and evaluated, clients and families are able to map out their journey with the assistance of ElderNav. Care plans are evaluated on an ongoing basis and will change with changing client needs. The ElderNav plan acts as a compass for clients and their families, providing detailed information about the types of services available and needed currently and in the future. Decisions about the clients schedule, goals, and costs are agreed upon, and then shared with all required parties involved in the care plan. Care planning provides clients an opportunity to decide how they can best use their resources to maintain and elevate their quality of life.


ElderNav uses their experience and expertise, as well as, their network of partners to act as a resource and implement the initiatives discussed and agreed upon in the care plan. Over the years or even months there are changes and transitions that take place, and ElderNav assists clients and their families adapt to these changes as easily and seamlessly as possible.

Ongoing Dialogue and Reassessment

The aging process can be marked by both gradual changes and sudden shifts. While it is important to maintain a care plan that is reflective of our client’s current situation, ElderNav recognizes the importance of continual client evaluation, noting any changes that require adjustments to the care plan. Feedback provided by clients, families, physicians and other involved parties assist in keeping patients moving toward their goals even as circumstances and preferences change. Continual communication and reassessment is paramount to ElderNav’s ability to effectively meet our client’s needs, and maintain the highest possible quality of life.