Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation

ElderNav understands that a comprehensive clinical evaluation is the first step to helping each client and their family. Among the areas that will be evaluated are; the medical, psychosocial, cognitive and functional status of each client. If a client resides at home, a safety assessment will ensure that they maintain their independence in a safe environment. The evaluation ensures that each client can maintain and/or gain the highest quality of life through the use of the best available resources designed for elder living, as well as, available resources in the healthcare community.

Care Coordination and Referral

The aging process is multidimensional and often involves doctors, therapists, long-term care facilities, insurance companies, neighbors, clergy, and many other institutions and individuals. ElderNav will regularly communicate and coordinate services among all parties involved so that clients do not have gaps in their care. A wide variety of referrals are made to maximize each client’s quality of life and to help clients meet their own expectations and individual preferences. ElderNav will continually check in with all parties so that clients can take a pro-active approach to their care making adjustments when needed.

Ongoing Observation and Report

ElderNav will assist clients and their families in determining the optimal level of involvement with a geriatric care manager. Maintaining an ongoing dialogue and personal relationship is often a critical part of a client’s support system and success. ElderNav provides a detailed report for the initial assessment, quarterly reports, and reports that are triggered by changing circumstances that require a significant change to the care plan. An ElderNav Care Manager may accompalny clients to physician appointments as needed. Clients and their families are always welcome to request additional reports depending on their individual needs.

Expert Advice and Long-term Care Planning

Providing objective and expert advice is the primary role of a geriatric care manager. ElderNav acts as a consultant to elderly clients and their families to assist them in solving immediate problems, and also in planning for the future.

Transitional Support

The golden years are often filled with transitions. Clients are increasingly facing changes in their support system, changes in their physical capabilities, financial resources, or their living environment. ElderNav is focused on providing information, support, and insight to make each transition smooth.

Companionship and Socialization

ElderNav believes that connectedness is an indicator of a fulfilled life. Whether clients need assistance in becoming acclimated to a new living environment, help staying in touch with family, or transportation to event(s) ElderNav is focused on keeping clients connected.